Healing Fibroids

Do you know that healing fibroids can be done naturally?

That’s right! Although sometimes surgery is necessary, it is also possible to use natural and holistic treatments that benefit your entire body, as well as your mental and emotional health.

As someone who spent over 30 years in “fibroid hell,” I KNOW how horrible fibroids can be. My life was often disrupted by the pain, heavy bleeding – and the mood swings! I also know that surgery may not be the answer. I have had several surgeries but the fibroids always came back.

Eventually my doctor was suggesting a hysterectomy and I finally did some serious research. What I discovered was wonderful.

Fibroids Can Be Cured

Healing Fibroids

Many women have fibroids. However, the symptoms can vary considerably.

Also known as “myomas,” fibroids are tumors, but they are benign ones, which means that they are not cancerous. They may develop in the muscle cells within the uterine wall. Or they may be found in the ovaries or outside the uterus.

How common are fibroids? It is estimated that between 25 and 40 percent of women will develop them during childbearing years. For those that reach menopause the figure sits at around 40%.

Healing fibroids can be tackled in many different ways. Treatments include surgery, drugs, or hormone replacement therapy. There are also effective natural treatments such as herbs, diet, aromatherapy, meditation, exercise and other holistic techniques for hormone balancing.

Lifestyle Changes vs Major Surgery

Some women suffer only mild symptoms and do not even know they have fibroids unless they are discovered through a routine exam. Others are not quite so lucky, and like me, may spend much of their time in fibroid hell.

But just as fibroids can savagely disrupt a normal lifestyle, they are also treatable through simple and positive lifestyle changes.

This is because fibroids are all about hormones and hormones are all about lifestyle.

Leading Cause of Hysterectomies

Sadly, despite the fact that healing fibroids can be achieved through non-invasive measures, they remain one of the leading causes for hysterectomies within the United States and elsewhere.

Did you know over 600,000 hysterectomies are performed each year, just in the US?

Of course, I am NOT suggesting you should refuse this surgery if your doctor recommends it. I just want you to be aware that major surgery is NOT the only way to resolve fibroids. There are other alternatives that are less traumatic than going “under the knife,” throwing yourself into surgical menopause, taking time out from work and home responsibilities and so forth.

Healing Fibroids Naturally

What are the most important factors in treating your fibroids effectively, using safe, natural, holistic methods?

  1. Certain herbs can be used to regulate hormones, especially estrogen. Herbs are also important for reducing systemic inflammation, improving digestion, eliminating toxins, and supporting a healthy acid / alkaline balance.
  2. The right diet also regulates hormones, decreases inflammation, and contributes positively to detoxing, digesting properly and correcting your PH.
  3. Exercise! However, not just any exercise. It is important to understand what exercise will boost circulation and help the problem, but not stress your body in a way that will make things worse.
  4. Stress management. This is the fun part and includes yummy things like aromatherapy and meditation. Of course, the details are important. For example, not all aromatherapy essential oils are beneficial. Also, meditation and breathing must be done in precise and correct ways if healing of such sensitive systems can take place.

Discover the solution to healing fibroids forever.